Fishing Report


Madison River

The flow out of Hebgen Lake remains steady, despite heavy rains over the weekend. Cabin and Beaver creeks came up and put some color into Quake Lake. It takes about four days for it to nave through Quake, so the Madison will be slightly off color. The water temperatures have dropped, which is a nice change from the normal hot summer doldrums. Fish are on the nymphs, small stoneflies #8 and #10, with droppers like lighting bugs #18 and beatis nymphs #18. Small hoppers and chubbys #10 will entice some fish, but they are more interested in ants. Try Arricks two tone flying or parachute ant #14.

Gallatin River

Tough as of late, heavy rains have made Taylor’s fork dirty. It really cleared up yesterday, just off color. Today it’s clear. Remember the Gallatin is a cold river, so if you fish in the morning use nymphs right on the bottom. Afternoons will be better, small hoppers #10, flying ants #16, and maybe a spruce moth.

Hebgen Lake

Lately gulper fishing has not been good, its cold and the fish are not gulping enough. Just one, two, maybe three and they are done. Hard to get a line on them. Only a few weeks left for the gulpers. Hope for a warm day and no wind. Look for the fish to start staging up near the river inflows in prep for the spawn. Leeches and buggers on sinking lines. Cast, count down, strip, and hold on!

Yellowstone Park

Firehole and Madison Rivers

Temperatures have come down and this side of the park will now start fishing. It just gets better from here on out. Some BWO’s and midges have been hatching. Afternoons try small hoppers #10, beetles #14, and ants #16. Of course if nothing is happening then go to soft hackles like the all reliable peacock and partridge #12. We like to use red thread and red wire on ours, because that is what the fish like.

Slough and Lamar Rivers

Reciently its been out, the rain storms took the Lamar from 300cfs to 1500cfs, now its back down. The weather looks good for the northeast corner the rest of the week. It should fish well. Its still terrestrial time, prospect with a larger hopper or cricket and when you find the fish stay there. Mix it up with ants and small beetles.

Yellowstone River

This has been the place for a big cutthroat. Not many, but big. Seems like the best flies are larger hoppers #8. Soon they may favor a big streamer or bugger.

Gallatin River

The stretch in the park remained clear during all the rain storms. The water is cold so don’t expect much in the mornings. The best action will be in the afternoons. Hoppers and chubbys #10 and parachute ants #14 are best.