Fishing Report


Madison River

The Morning up until noon or 1 pm has been good, the afternoons are slow, then late evening the fishing picks back up with caddis and spinners. Hoppers #10, flying ants #14 and #16, and beetles #12 and #14 are starting to work. It seems like a slow start to the terrestrial season with a cooler and rainier August. The rain has spurred mayfly hatches, both BWO #18 and Epeorus #14. Very unusual to be fishing BWO’s in August. The nymph fisherman have gone small using #10 rubber legs and #18 droppers like PT’s, shop vacs, and $3 dips.

Gallatin River

Good reports, but the recent rains have made the Taylor’s Fork dirty. When clear hoppers and ants have done the trick. Also, where the pine trees are close to the water there will be lots of spruce moths #14.

Hebgen Lake

Now there are more callibaetis and more gulpers. The catch is better than a few weeks ago. Get out there about 8am and be prepared for the hatch about 9am. Cripple D&D callibaetis and rickards callibaetis #16 have been doing the best. Flying ants are starting to produce. For dries try a sparkle dun #16.

Yellowstone Park

Slough and Lamar River

These two have been great in-between rain storms. The Lamar has been more dirty more often this past few weeks than Slough. The hatches have been PMD’s in the morning and some drakes in the afternoons. Terrestrials are really working good. Foam hoppers #10 and #12, cinnamon ants #14 and #16, beetles #12 and #14, and crickets.

Gallatin River

Fair reports, usually fishes well in August, but this year its a bit slower. As for flies use stimulators in royal or yellow #12 and #14, trades #14 and #16, and ants #16. There are also some spruce moths. Remember its a cold river so the action will start about 10 or 11 am.

Gardner River

Good action, you will catch lots of fish, but they won’t be big. Hoppers #12, Royal Wulffs #14 and Elk Hair Caddis #14

Yellowstone River

Big fish this year and you can actually find some fish and catch them. You will not have many opportunities, so approach and cast carefully. Hatches are PMD’s and caddis #16, but try a hopper #8.