Walking or wading a river or stream is a fabulous way to enjoy the Yellowstone area’s fishing opportunities. In fact, since floating is not allowed, this is the only way to fish the moving waters in Yellowstone Park. Our full and half day walk trips are very flexible in nature, and allow you to plan your dream trip. A full day trip allows you to sample the fishing on one or more rivers. Our wade trip destinations include the Madison, Firehole, Gallatin, Lamar, and Yellowstone Rivers, as well as Slough Creek and other small streams. Because you receive more personal attention from the guide, walk trips are ideal for beginning anglers or those who wish to improve their fly fishing skills.

For more information call (406) 646-7290 or email arrick@arricks.com.

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Full Day: 1 Person $650
Full Day: 2 People $650
Full Day: 3 People $750
Half Day: 1 Person $450
Half Day: 2 People $450
Half Day: 3 People $500

Fees include a guide, lunch on full days, and all equipment! Reservations require a 50% deposit per guide. The deposit less 10% is refundable up to 30 days prior to the trip date.