Arrick and Lorie

Together Arrick and Lorie run Arrick’s Fly Shop. In 1993 Arrick opened the doors to Arrick’s Fly Shop so this year Arrick’s is celebrating 28 years! Arrick’s love for fly fishing and Lorie’s love for the wilderness of Yellowstone brought their lives together. Lorie joined Arrick in the fly shop in the fall of 2012 after they got married. Together they… 

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Arrick’s Fly Shop, Inc.


Arrick has been a licensed outfitter (# 1604) since 1991 and in 1993 he opened Arrick’s Fly Shop. He decided to move to Yellowstone Country, especially the West Yellowstone area, because he says the fishing here gets into your…

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Lorie was born in Dearborn, Michigan and spent her summers with her mom, grandma and brother camping along the shores of Lake Erie in Rondeau Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada. It was here that Lorie began…

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Originally from the Midwest, Scott found himself leaving his corporate job to pursue his dream of guiding.

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