Fishing Report

Yellowstone National Park

Madison, Firehole, and Gibbon Rivers

These rivers are starting to get warm, so fish early in the morning or late in the evening. The upper Gibbon is still cold and will be best above the falls. Another option is colder tributaries like Nez Perce or the Little Firehole River. Water temps in the Firehole were 71 degrees at Fountain Flats. There are lots of Tan Caddis #14, #16, some PMD’s at 9am, # 16. Try attractors on the Gibbon above the falls like stimulators #12, #14, chubby’s #10 and cover lots of water.

Gallatin and the Gardner Rivers

These two rivers have really shaped up in the past week and the fishing is good. Lots of salmonflies, goldens, and caddis. On the Gallatin the big bugs are at Taylor’s Fork. You tend to get good action for smaller fish, with the occasional big brown showing up once in awhile. Take bushy dries like Sofa Pillows #6, #8, and Crystal Stimulators #10, they float high in the fast water.

Lamar River and Slough Creek

Still high over in the Northeast corner and the Lamar is still dirty. Look for Slough to come into shape in the next week to ten days.

Yellowstone Lake

We have had some good reports from here compared to the last few years. People are catching some fish near Grant Village and from Gull Point to Pumice Point. It has all been with nymphs and wet flies. Best flies have been Olive Leeches, Pheasant Tails, and Brown California Leeches.


Madison River

The fishing has been real good from Hebgen to Macatee Bridge. It is a smorgasbord of insects! Salmonflies, Golden Stones, Little Yellow and Olive Stones, Tan Caddis, PMD’s, and Flav’s. Dry fly fishing is good and the nymphing is excellent. Salmonflies are up to Raynolds, and you can still find them down to Ruby. They will be around for another week. Best nymphs have been PT Flashbacks #16 and Olive Serendipities #14, #16.


In good shape now, and the Salmonflies are at Taylor’s Fork. Use Improved Sofa Pillows #6, #8 and also, lots of Tan Caddis #14,  and #16. If you find a deeper run and want to nymph, try a black or brown Rubberlegs #6, or #8 with a #16 bead head dropper.

Hebgen Lake

Reports are getting better with both wets and dries. The Callibaetis have started and there are some rising fish, gulper fishing will just get better from now on. Two methods are working well right now. First, is using an Ice Cream Cone below a strike indicator. Red ones in #14 have been killer lately. Second, stripping Woolly Buggers, black and gold or Xmas Tree with a slow sink fly line. Try trailing the buggers with a PT or Richard’s Callibaetis Nymph #14.


Henry’s Lake

We’re hearing great reports, lots of fish and some big ones. All you need is Ice Cream Cones dropped below an indicator in eight ft of water, or you can use a slow sink clear line and brown Crystal Buggers #8 or California Leech.

Henry’s Fork

In the early mornings there are all types of spinners, then some PMD’s about 9am. The bright sun has made the early afternoons tough. If it clouds up there are good Flav’s hatches. Later in the evenings Caddis and Rusty Spinners.