Fishing Report

Madison River

Some of the best fishing for rainbows is going on right now between Hebgen and Quake Lake. The rainbows have been moving up from Quake Lake over the past month getting ready to spawn. They are starting to spawn now and this will continue for several more weeks. The fish are in full spawning colors, males with bright red stripes and hooked jaws.

The best flies have been brown rubber legs in sizes #6 and #8 with assorted droppers.

Copper johns #16 and #18 in copper, red and green. Zebra midges in black #18 and of course glo-bugs. My best color has been pink or orange.

A few reports from Macatee to Ennis have been coming in and they are also good. I like Varney to 8 Mile in the spring because you get rainbows running up from Ennis Lake into this section. The brown trout will follow them and they will eat the eggs.

Gallatin River

North of Yellowstone National Park the Gallatin is open to fishing year round. Fishing around Taylor’s Fork has been good using small nymphs like black zebra midges #18, #20, and pheasant tails #18. If you are looking for some dry fly activity try below Big Sky in the slower pools. There will be midges and a griffith’s gnat or parachute adams in #18, #20 will do the trick.

Soon the blue wing olives will start and we will see more rising fish.

Hebgen and Quake Lake

These two lakes are mostly still frozen, there is some open water but it is hard to get to. Walking through the snow or using a snowmobile is the only way to get to these places at this time. Woolly buggers in black, black and gold, or olive and grizzly will work. For a more laid back approach drop a zebra or chironomid off an indicator about three feet down.