Fishing Report

Madison River

Fishing between the lakes has been great, with lots of rainbows up from Quake Lake. Try not to wade or fish where the rainbows are spawning.

The best flies have been glo-bugs, orange and pink. Some days they favor one color over another. Also reports of red San Juan Worms doing well. On the sunny days try copper johns or shop vacs in size 16.

Over the past week flows out of Hebgen Lake have been coming up about 100 CFS a day and now the flow is 1790 CFS. You can cross to the island, but you will not be able to cross the river.

Montana’s general opener for fishing is May 17th.

Hebgen and Quake Lakes

It is time for ice out! This is a special time because as the ice recedes the trout will cruise the shore. So, casting woolly buggers and leeches from the bank in shallow water will get you results.

Soon the chironomids will be active and hanging an ice cream cone below an indicator will be deadly.

Cliff and Wade Lakes

The road is open, but parts are rutted, so be careful out there.

Most of the fishing is underneath with sinking lines and buggers. The occasional midge will hatch and a fish will rise, but it’s minimal and sporatic.

Henry’s Fork

Reports are coming in that there are Mother’s Day caddis in the Warm River and the Ashton section. Also on cloudy days the Last Chance stretch is getting good B.W.O’s.

Henry’s Lake opens to fishing May 24th.

Yellowstone National Park

Opens to fishing on Memorial Day Weekend, which is May 24th this year.