Fishing Report

Yellowstone Park

The northern rivers: Gallatin, Gardner, Slough, and Lamar have been fishing well, mainly with terrestrials.  Look for the Firehole and Madison to start picking up in a few weeks; the water temperatures are dropping, which will help these two rivers.

Gallatin, Gardner and Gibbon Rivers

Foam hoppers in size #10 and cinnamon flying ants #14 have been producing good action. The fish have not been big, but good numbers. Also, try a yellow stimulator #12 in the pocket water. I like to cover lots of water and look for the active fish. Red copper johns #16 have been good on the Gallatin.

Slough and Lamar Rivers

We have been getting good reports from the northeast corner. Most people have been using hoppers and ants. Don’t forget about beetles and crickets. Not much for hatches, a few small mayflies and cream midges. We have had several guide trips over there and the guides caught fish on lots of different flies. The challenge, especially on the Lamar, was to find the fish. Once they found them they were able to catch them.

Madison and Firehole Rivers

The water is still warm and the fishing will be slow. The temperatures have been coming down and in a few weeks fishing will be better. Right now there are other rivers that are fishing well.


Madison River

Fishing has held up well this year on the Madison. We have had a cooler August and that has helped. Right now hoppers and flying ants are the way to go. #14 and #16 ants have done well giving you lots of action, but it is fun to see a big fish slam the hopper. As far as nymphing, the best flies are #16 bead heads, shop vac, three dollar dips, and lighting bugs. A few spruce moths are still about, look for them where you see big pine trees.

Gallatin River

We have been getting good reports from here, it is a cold river so it fishing well this time of the year. Hoppers, ants, and spruce moths are the ticket, then go back and nymph through the deeper water with some small bead heads.

Hebgen Lake

Gulper fishing has been good one day then not so good the next. Having a power boat helps, so you can move around and find the rising fish. Otherwise find a weed bed and use a sinking line with woolly buggers and callibaetis nymphs. Our guides have been doing well catching nice rainbows. Guys are still using indicators and chironomids.


Henry’s Fork

Tough reports, fishing is slow. Next month will be better when the weather cools down.

Henry’s Lake

Good Fishing and it has been fishing good all summer. The lake is getting low and it is tough to launch larger boats. Great callibaetis hatches and there are some rising fish. It has been best with slow sinking lines and pheasant tail nymphs #14 and callibaetis nymphs #12. Not many big fish this year, but lots of nice cutthroats.