Small Moment, Treasured Memory:

It’s spring time and our guys on our shop team are packing to head out here real soon! They’re all returning for their second year with us and we couldn’t be happier! When we met them last year we were excited for them to be working out here for the summer. We told them with big smiles on our faces that we thought it would be one of the best summers of their lives and that it was for the both of us. To be fair, it usually is for anyone’s first summer working out in the Yellowstone area. Fast forward to about 2 weeks ago. When we talked with them on the phone you could almost feel their excitement and anticipation to get back out here. It’s the same for the anglers and other visitors planning their trips, we hear it through the phone line when we talk to them about their guide trips. Whenever spring time rolls around, or when helping others plan their trip, we are taken back to the time we visited Yellowstone and Montana for the first time. The excitement, the awe of everything amazing that is here, it all comes rushing back. What a wonderful time to remember, seeing Yellowstone and Montana for the first time. Thinking back on the road trip with our family and other ones with our friends when we worked our first summer out here always brings a smile to our faces. So, if you are back home reading this we hope this little paragraph brings back wonderful memories and makes you smile. And, if you are just in the stages of planning your trip, we’re excited for you and the memories you will make! Take in the whole adventure and savor every moment, as you will really treasure all the memories of your Montana and Yellowstone adventure.

-Lorie and Arrick