How to: Gunmetal Chrionomid

Materials List:

  • Hook: TMC 3761 #14
  • Thread: Black 8/0 uni
  • Bead: 7/64 black-nickel
  • Gills: White uni-stretch
  • Rib: Small black wire
  • Body: Gunmetal flashabou
  • Body: Gunmetal flashabou
  • Collar: Peacock herl
  • Glue: Clear cure goo hydro


About the gunmetal chironomid can be tied in size 10 through 18. The 14 is my favorite so that is what I show here. It is very similar to a Canadian fly known as an anti-static bag pupa which is tied with the gray anti-static bag that computer parts come in. It imitates a chironomid as its body is filling up with gas in order to ascend the water column and hatch into a winged insect. Twist up few the fish like ’em! As always if you have questions or would like to order flies or materials give us a call at the pro shop. (406) 646-7290 thanks for viewing!