Oliver first started fishing back in his hometown in Connecticut. He was mostly a bass fisherman growing up and just recently picked up a fly rod a few years ago. Oliver attended a fly fishing school last summer in Montana (his first time coming out here) where he learned all the ins and outs of trout fishing. Once he got home he was hooked on fly fishing and sold all his spinning gear decided to dedicate himself to becoming a better fly fisherman. Although he hasn’t been fly fishing long he is pretty well traveled and has been to places such as Islamorada, Ascension Bay and the Mosquito Lagoon. His plans for the summer are to work hard and catch big fish, specifically a big brown trout on a streamer in the fall.

What drew Oliver in to West Yellowstone was the Yellowstone National Park and the abundance of water to fish in the surrounding area. He also really likes the small town feel and the friendly attitude people of the area have. Why fly fishing you might ask him? At least in fly fishing if you’re not catching it isn’t a total drag and there are still plenty of positives to take away from the day. Whether it was developing his casting stroke or learning something now about the river from a seasoned veteran are all things Oliver enjoys.

Oliver credits his dad Tom for getting him into fishing as a kid and instilling the passion of being in the outdoors doing what he loves. On the weekends they would go hit up their favorite honey hole in town and spend all day there.