Lorie was born in Dearborn, Michigan and spent her summers with her mom, grandma and brother camping along the shores of Lake Erie in Rondeau Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada. It was here that Lorie began to love the outdoors and wildlife. When she was a kid she did some fishing with her mom, but it wasn’t until she met Arrick in 2009 that she became interested in fly fishing. She is truly a beginner at this sport, but is learning the basics from a great teacher. Arrick not only has been helping her with the technical side of fly fishing, but he has been helping her learn to read the water when they are out there fishing together. The part Lorie loves most about fly fishing is learning about another part of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosytem.

Lorie fell in love with this area when she helped a friend move out here in 1996, and has spent every summer out here since. Every fall when she’d go back to Michigan for college she would miss Montana and Yellowstone, so when she finished earning her science degree in Earth Science, Lorie knew where she belonged. Since she loved Yellowstone and Montana so much she decided she wanted to do something to really be part of the area, so she became an Interpretive Park Ranger at Old Faithful. It was here that she worked for three summer seasons. During those three summers she presented geology talks, led educational guided tours of the geyser basins, did evening programs on the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, taught children during the kids programs, and worked in the visitor center. Most of her free time during those summers was spent hiking, watching geysers and looking for wildlife.

What Lorie loves about this area is the abundant wildlife, and all the wonderful things that Yellowstone and this pristine mountain wilderness has to offer. When she saw Yellowstone and the mountains of Montana for the first time it moved her so much she knew she had to come back. Lorie often tries to put her love for this amazing place into words, but just like pictures, she feels her words can’t begin to do it justice. Simply put, her first visit out here grabbed hold of her heart and soul and she hasn’t been the same since. Lorie’s dream came true when she finally moved to West Yellowstone in the spring of 2008 after earning her Elementary Teaching Certificate. Now Lorie and Arrick live out their dream together with their dogs Bailie and Coco in West Yellowstone. They share their love of this amazing place with each other by fishing the pristine waters, hiking, wildlife watching, and geyser gazing. What a joy to live in Montana and explore Yellowstone and all its wonders!