Joe grew up in northern California, in the San Francisco Bay area, with a dad who loved to fish. As a boy his dad would take his two brothers and him on yearly trips to the Redding and Trinity areas to fish for salmon, steelhead and trout. At that time Joe knew that was where he eventually wanted to live. Around the age of twenty his family had already made the move to Redding and he shortly followed. Being surrounded by all the different rivers and lakes the opportunities were endless for fly fishing. That’s when Joe’s love for fly fishing started to consume his focus in life. After working as a carpenter for several years and always having the thought of fishing on his mind that is when he knew he wanted more out of life. It was during this time that Joe pursued his first guide job in Alaska. He guided four summers for a premier lodge where he ran one of their remote out camps in southwest Alaska where he targeted salmon and trout with not only fly rods, but spey rods as well. He enjoys teaching both styles of casting to beginners or advanced anglers.

Joe was drawn to the Montana and Yellowstone area for all the fly fishing opportunities the waters give fly fishermen. What he loves about the area is not only the wild trout and great fishing, but also the wilderness and scenery that can be only found in this amazing area. For him, Montana and Yellowstone has the whole package. Scenery, wilderness, wildlife, and people from all over the world. Joe says that those things make it an easy place to want spend your time fly fishing and he finds that it’s a great place to guide others that may be new or skilled at the sport. When Joe’s not guiding here in the summer you can find him in the northwest fishing for steelhead with his spey rod.