Carter developed a love for fishing with flies at the age of 13 when he would fish small ponds and small creeks for bream by his house in Vestavia Hills, Al. During high school, Carter loved fishing for bass and he found the flies he bought at a local shop to be just as beautiful as the fish. A trip to the blue ridge mountains is all it took for Carter to lose his interest in Bass and become fascinated with trout.

Carter first became interested in Yellowstone when he would flip through copies of The FlyFish Journal. He first visited Yellowstone in 2016, the summer after his freshman year of college. The danger and wildness of Yellowstone brings Carter out to Montana and Wyoming every summer. He believes there are few other places as unpredictable and extreme as the Park. Even if you have a lifetime, you wouldn’t be able to fish everywhere and see everything it has it offer. This is just one of the things he loves about the area. The excitement, wonder, and adventure found in an 8 mile hike to the 3rd meadow of Slough Creek to catch cutthroats is what keeps Carter up at night. He feels an adventure like that is something that everyone should experience. A trip to the Thorofare Region is at the top of Carter’s list for adventures in Yellowstone, as this portion of the Yellowstone River is 30 miles in every direction from a road, and is the most remote location in all of America. Along with this wilderness seclusion comes the opportunity to catch larger than average cutthroats.

When he’s not fly fishing, Carter enjoys photography, mountain biking, and reading. His favorite authors are Tim Keller and C.S. Lewis. Carter is a student at Auburn University, Alabama, majoring in Accounting. He looks forward to returning every summer to the wildness of the Yellowstone area and to fly fish the amazing waters here.

Something Carter doesn’t do is boast, but it should be known that he was a cub scout, (you have to read to the end) as well as a proud recipient of a Presidential Physical Fitness Award for a 28 on the sit and reach in elementary school. His amateur fly tying skills and self-taught casting skills have helped preserve trout populations in the areas he loves to fish. Obviously Carter also loves to crack jokes and make you laugh. Call him Quarter when you see him, all his friends do. Hahaha! ☺